Collection Protocol

Upon receipt of assigned account for collections, Our Data Entry department will input the account into our electronic file data base assigning a file number with our agency. The account is then assigned to a collector. Federally mandated collection notices are sent to each responsible party, an acknowledgment of the assigned account is sent to the client, and collection efforts are initiated. 

The collector will review the account, documents and credit report before making the first initial call to make verbal contact to either collect the balance in full or determine if the account needs to have a payment plan. We always try to resolve each assigned account in the most cost effective manner as we can. 

Collection efforts will continue until the account is paid in full, settled in full, becomes a ‘skip’, or it has been determined that legal action is necessary to enforce collection of the account. Creditors Specialty Northwest, Inc. never settles on any account or begins legal action on any account without the prior authorization of the client.

We do not condone nor will we tolerate any abusive or harassing collection tactics. At all times, employees of Creditors Specialty Northwest, Inc. must adhere to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act , as well as all State and local laws.